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Friday, October 27, 2017

Set up Apple Watch using VoiceOver

Set up Apple Watch using VoiceOver

  1. IfApple Watch isn’t on, turn it on by holding down the side button (below the Digital Crown).
  2. On Apple Watch, turn on VoiceOver by triple-clicking the Digital Crown.
  3. Swipe right or left on the display to choose a language, then double-tap to select it.
  4. Swipe right to highlight the Start Pairing button, then double-tap.
  5. On iPhone, turn on VoiceOver by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver.
  6. To open the Apple Watch app, go to the iPhone Home screen, swipe right to select the Apple Watch app, then double-tap. 
  7. To get iPhone ready to pair, swipe right to select the Start Pairing button, then double-tap.
    The “Hold Apple Watch up to the Camera” screen appears.
  8. To try automatic pairing, point the iPhone camera at the watch from about 6 inches away.
    When you hear the pairing confirmation, you can skip to step 14. If you have difficulty, you can try manual pairing, steps 9 through 13.
  9. Swipe right to select the Pair Apple Watch Manually button, then double-tap.
  10. On Apple Watch, find your Apple Watch ID: swipe right to the Info About Pairing Apple Watch Manually button, then double-tap. Swipe right once to hear the unique identifier for your Apple Watch—it’ll be something like “Apple Watch 52345”.
  11. On iPhone, select your Apple Watch: swipe right until you hear the same Apple Watch identifier that you just heard on Apple Watch, then double-tap.
  12. To get your pairing code, on Apple Watch, swipe right until you hear the six-digit pairing code.
  13. Enter the pairing code from Apple Watch on iPhone using the keyboard.
    When pairing succeeds, you hear “Your Apple Watch is paired.” If pairing fails, tap to respond to the alerts, then Apple Watch and the Apple Watch app on iPhone reset so you can try again.
  14. When pairing is complete, on iPhone, swipe right to the Set Up Apple Watch button, then double-tap.
  15. To choose your wrist preference, swipe right on the Wrist Preference screen to select Left or Right, then double-tap.
  16. Review the terms and conditions, swipe right on the Terms and Conditions screen to select Agree, then double-tap. Select and double-tap Agree in the alert that appears.
  17. To enter the password for your Apple ID, swipe right to the Enter Password button, double-tap, then enter the password for the Apple ID you use on your iPhone. Then double-tap the Return key in the lower-right corner of the keyboard.
  18. To choose a Location Services option, swipe to your choice, then double-tap.
  19. To choose a Siri option, swipe to your choice, then double-tap.
  20. To create an Apple Watch passcode, swipe right on the Passcode screen to select Create a Passcode, then double-tap. On Apple Watch, enter a four-digit passcode of your choice, then reenter to confirm. Swipe, tap, or drag your finger around the display to select a number, then double-tap.
  21. On Apple Watch, choose whether to unlock Apple Watch when you unlock iPhone.
  22. To choose whether to install additional apps on Apple Watch, swipe to highlight Install All or Choose Later on iPhone, then double-tap.
    Apple Watch syncs with iPhone. This takes a few moments—swipe to Sync Progress on iPhone to hear progress. When you hear “sync complete” Apple Watch is ready to use, displaying the watch face. Swipe left or right to explore watch face features. For information about using VoiceOver with Apple Watch, see VoiceOver.

Friday, September 1, 2017

How do I clean my AirPods?

Protect your investment with regular cleanings and good aural hygiene. Dropping $160 on a pair of wireless earbuds in a dental-floss-sized case is no small decision. If you decided to spring for a pair of AirPods, you're going to want to take good care of them so they'll last you a couple rounds of iPhone upgrades. After all, these ones don't come bundled in the box. Here's how you clean your AirPods and keep 'em clean! With dirt, dust, lint, grime, ear wax, and more constantly finding its way onto your glossy white AirPods, you're definitely gonna want to clean them from time to time. Consistency is your friend, friend: The best way to ward off long-lasting grime is by preventing it from building up. Clean and clean regularly.

Carry a microfiber cloth

Get a little microfiber cloth and keep it on your person or store it wherever you charge your AirPods. Give your AirPods (and the case if you want) a quick buff every couple days.
If you happen to spot an offending smudge, go ahead and wipe it away.
You can pick up a six pack of microfiber cleaning cloths from Amazon and be set for life … or at least the life of your AirPods! Do not use hand sanitizer on your AirPods. You risk damaging the polish — or worse, the electronics. Instead, a little bit of water (purified is better than tap) on a cloth can help you wipe away the grease and grime.

As much as I wish Apple's AirPods were a seamless piece of plastic, they're not. And the tiny, tiny little cracks and crevices start to fill up with dust, grime, etc. When a cloth-polish just won't do, you've gotta get up close and personal.
I find a cotton swab is great for a thorough cleaning of your AirPods. Whether you've got ear wax clinging to the speaker grilles or dirt in the seams, a cotton swab will usually do the trick.
Lastly, if you've got a particularly stubborn smudge that won't wipe away from the surface of your AirPods, you might try giving it a quick swipe or four with a rubber eraser. The rubber will pull the mark from the surface of your AirPods.

A word of warning, though: Don't get lazy! Check on your little Pod Pals from time to time to make sure they're not collecting grime.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

How to search for posts in a group on Facebook App

To search for posts in a group:
  • Go to a group and tap Search below the cover photo.
  • Enter names or keywords that appear in either the post or the comments of the post you're searching for.

Once you have hit enter. Some suggestions will come up. Please note that they won't be all for that particular group but there will be a lot better. It's almost like a general search through Facebook. But it's better than nothing.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Why it is important to protect your iPad from drops.

As we grow more reliant on our gadgets, we take them more places beyond the living-room couch: the gym, on vacation, or onto a gritty work site. Even in the friendliest environments—say, the hands of a child—sometimes you need more than a flimsy cover to protect your investment. And at $499 and up, the most popular tablet of all, Apple’s iPad Air, practically demands it.

A case is one of the first accessories you should bye
 A  good case will protect your investment  from drops and Falls..  You may say that you are super careful. Or you only keep it in one spot. 

But there may be that one time  you take it somewhere and it slips out of your hand. 
The last thing you want to see is a broken screen.  
Yes you can have your iPad repaired. But there is the cost of repair work also the time without your device. Specially if you're using it for work. Investing in a case will save you money and time in the long run

There are many different kinds of cases out there. But if you're looking for a recommendation I would recommend getting the BumpKase
 by NutKase.com  I have been using one for a while.
I have written to posts regarding this product ad  I will put the link below.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Here is my review of my new BumpKase by NutKase.com

Hello my name is Chelsea and I want to tell you about my New iPad case called BumpKase
 by NutKase.com

Being a visually impaired person I have had a few issues with judging exactly if I have placed an item on a bed, counter or dresser. I have had a few times where I have missed the mark. And was extremely concerned if I have damaged what I have dropped. 

  I have been looking for a durable case for my iPad and  I have found the one that will give me that protection I want.

I have been using his case for about one week and it is the best drop proof case ever to protect my iPad! It's excellent quality with sleek design & it's made of rugged TPU and has double protected corners so if it drops it is safe! Plus it has a unique hand strap which allows me to hold it in one hand, & it comes in great colours! You will love it! Connecting headphones & plugging it in to charge is super easy, the ports are clearly delineated and very easy to use. It has a magnetic cover for sleep wake mode, and folds nicely into standing position & landscape mode. 
Another nice feature is that there is a clear pocket for a card with your name/phone number/address and email address. This will be beneficial for people knowing who the device belongs to.

 I know at times that money is extremely tight. And when you purchase an item you don't always plan on purchasing accessories and a mediately. But when you purchase a expensive I am such as an iPad it is extremely important to consider purchasing a case to protect your investment.  

So if you have an iPad or considering getting one I would extremely recommend checking out this company. They also have a case for laptops.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Have you heard of a company called NutKase.com ? They make a very interesting looking iPad case.

I was contacted by a nice lady by the name of Amy Lentini she is a owner of a family owned business called NutKase.com.  

They are a small family run business . who have designed a interesting iPad case which protects your product if it is dropped as well as having a unique elasticated strap on the back which is used to hold your iPad conveniently without the fear of dropping it. This looks like a very intriguing product. !

 I will be receiving it in the mail soon. After I tried out for a little while I will do a  in depth review.

 I am going to provide a link to their website here. And some photos. Can't wait to try this out as a visually impaired person . So stay tune for my review of NutKase.com.

 you can also find them at.
 Instagra nutkase_tech

Labeling your Photos or Videos on an iOS Device using Voice Over

Labeling your Photos or Videos on an iOS Device using Voice Over In this tutorial, I show you how to label your photos on your iOS device. This is a hidden feature that is very 

handy. Feel free to comment below for any questions you may have.