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Saturday, March 7, 2015


ZoomReader by Ai Squared
Picture of the ZoomReader iconThe reception to our recently announced iPhone application, ZoomReader, was overwhelmingly positive and exciting at this year’s ATIA conference in Orlando.We had so many attendees run over to ask us, “I want to see that new iPhone app you guys have!” As you might have heard by now, it’s a combination video magnifier and OCR app. It uses the built-in camera on an iPhone or iPod Touch to zoom in on printed materials, apply color filters, and to take a picture of something and have the text in that image read out loud! One woman even cried when she saw what ZoomReader could do; one of her family members has Down’s Syndrome and ZoomReader will open up a brand new world for him – one where he will be able to read street signs, restaurant menus, and any printed material that he would otherwise need help reading.People were blown away by the price ($19.99). It’s a very competitive and affordable price point for a mobile application that does real time screen magnification, OCR reading of images, plus voice recognition. The reaction all of you gave us was exactly what we hoped ZoomReader would accomplish in the mobile market.In fact, we’ve also got an audio clip from a presentation we attended there called, “AT Showdown” where individuals presented an assistive technology tip or product. At the end, you’ll hear some applause and even a few WOW’s and WHOA’s. Simply press the play button below:
AT Showdown audio
We look forward to providing more information once the product is officially ready for sale in the App Store. For now, you can watch the video below that explains the functionality of ZoomReader or you can go onto YouTube to watch it there:

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