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Monday, June 13, 2016

Here is my latest experience with my iPhone 6 and Apple..

 I woke up on  Thursday morning and noticed my iPhone 6's battery wasn't working right. 
So I grabbed a cable and a wallplug and started charging my phone.  I put the phone to charge at 8:00 AM this morning.  By noon, my phones battery only charged to 2%. 
I have tried five different cables, and six different wall plugs. I'm now on cable number five. 
I've tried charging it with the phone off and also tried charging it in airplane mode.  
But the battery stayed at 2%. 
So I decided to call Apple and see if there's something they can do for me. 
The lady on the phone walked me through some diagnostic steps. 
But since the fact that my phone was now 1% charge, it would not do anything other then turn on. Occasionally, it will turn off and back on. 
So she tried to book me a appointment same-day to get my phone looked at.
 She looked if there was any openings in any of the stores near me. 
But apparently there were no openings until Sunday. 
But she said that my phone would probably not make it till then. 

So she called the Apple store that is closest to me and told them that I was blind and needed my phone. Since it was my lifeline and how I do day-to-day things. Somehow, she managed to get them to give me an appointment in one hour. Robert took me to the Apple Store in Townsquare, and I only had to wait one hour before someone was able to help me. 
We went through all the diagnostics. 
Which took 10 minutes. They said it looks like I need a new battery.
 They said come back in two hours and your phone should be ready. It will cost you $85.
 If the new battery does not solve the problem, they will give me a new phone for the same amount. 
So I left and went back two hours later. Apparently, the new battery did the trick. 
My phone is now running great. I am now at 100%. I'm extremely happy with the service I got from the Apple Store in Townsquare. 
I've heard a lot of people complaints about apples service. But are no complaints here for me.  

It cost me $85 to get a new battery installed in my phone that I probably had for a year and six months. But it is the cheapest fix and I don't need to worry about loading all my stuff on a new phone. If I had to get a new phone, I probably would've paid a little extra and  got a iPhone 6+. 
I was extremely happy that my original phone is now running excellent. Thank you to the awesome people at the Apple Store in Town Square in Las Vegas.

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