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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How toFind Lost Apple AirPods

The feature lives inside Apple’s Find my iPhone app, which allows users to locate their missing iOS devices on a Map via iCloud and a standalone iOS app. But since the AirPods rely on Bluetooth connectivity, it will only be able to locate the AirPods if they are in range of your other Apple devices. So, if you happen to lose one and don’t realize until after, you’d have to walk back in range in order to get a hit on the map. With Bluetooth, you can potentially get up to 5-10 meters of range.

The app will also allow you to play a sound from the AirPods that will help you locate one that is out of sight, which will probably be much more useful than the map feature that only gives you a very general location if in range. You can disable the sound for one AirPod, which can be handy if you only lose one and not the other.
Apple warns to make sure they aren’t in your ears when activating the sound, which has to be quite a bit louder than comfortable listening levels in order to work to help you locate a missing AirPod. The sound does, however, gradually get louder, which helps prevent hurting your ears.

 Step one
 login to your find my iPhone app on your iPhone, iPad  or you can login from your Mac using iCloud.

Step 2 
Select your your Apple AirPods from the list of devices.

Step 3
Tap on actions. Then tap on play sound. The sound will gradually get louder. Once you find it hit pause. And then you can close out whatever you using to find it.

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