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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stop iPhone Calls Ringing a Mac in OS X Yosemite

Stop a Mac ringing from iPhone calls
Perhaps you have noticed that since updating your Mac to OS X Yosemite, when your iPhone gets an incoming phone call, so does your Mac. In fact, all of your Macs running the latest OS X and using the same Apple ID will get a phone call, creating a whole chorus of ringing, just from a single iPhone call. While many users will enjoy this feature, which lets you both make and receive phone calls from an iPhone through the Mac by using the computers microphone and speakers, it can also be a nuisance if you’d rather just use your iPhone as a phone. Fortunately, this setting is easily to adjust to suit your preferences.

Do note that by stopping the Mac from ringing with an iPhone phone call, you’ll also prevent the Mac from being able to make outbound calls using the iPhone. There’s not much of a way to get around that, aside from adjusting the notification preferences for FaceTime, which we’re not going to cover specifically here.

disable calls to your iPhone from ringing on your Mac, you need to visit the FaceTime preferences. That may sound a little strange at first, but recall that FaceTime in OS X also has VOIP voice calling ability, making it a reasonable location for the setting. 
  1. Open the “FaceTime” application on the Mac
  2. Pull down the FaceTime menu and choose “Preferences”
  3. Under the primary Settings tab, uncheck the box for “iPhone Cellular Calls” 
  4. Disable iPhone cellular calls from ringing on the Mac
  5. FaceTime
  6. This will prevent the Mac from ringing and any notifications from coming to the Mac that the iPhone has a phone call. It will not impact other FaceTime features and the ability to make FaceTime audio or video calls. 
    Realistically-aiala=alally, this feature is very useful and quite nice to have, but it’s best used on a limited basis. For example, maintaining the feature on your primary iPhone and primary Mac, but disabling it on other devices.
    Many users have noticed that after they’ve updated their Mac to the latest version of OS X, and their iPad and other iDevices to the latest versions of iOS, suddenly they have an entire symphony of ringing when just their iPhone gets a call. If you’re annoyed by this on your other devices, you can also stop other iOS devices from ringing too when the iPhone gets a call.

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