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Friday, August 4, 2017

Have you heard of a company called NutKase.com ? They make a very interesting looking iPad case.

I was contacted by a nice lady by the name of Amy Lentini she is a owner of a family owned business called NutKase.com.  

They are a small family run business . who have designed a interesting iPad case which protects your product if it is dropped as well as having a unique elasticated strap on the back which is used to hold your iPad conveniently without the fear of dropping it. This looks like a very intriguing product. !

 I will be receiving it in the mail soon. After I tried out for a little while I will do a  in depth review.

 I am going to provide a link to their website here. And some photos. Can't wait to try this out as a visually impaired person . So stay tune for my review of NutKase.com.

 you can also find them at.
 Instagra nutkase_tech

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