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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Here is my review of my new BumpKase by NutKase.com

Hello my name is Chelsea and I want to tell you about my New iPad case called BumpKase
 by NutKase.com

Being a visually impaired person I have had a few issues with judging exactly if I have placed an item on a bed, counter or dresser. I have had a few times where I have missed the mark. And was extremely concerned if I have damaged what I have dropped. 

  I have been looking for a durable case for my iPad and  I have found the one that will give me that protection I want.

I have been using his case for about one week and it is the best drop proof case ever to protect my iPad! It's excellent quality with sleek design & it's made of rugged TPU and has double protected corners so if it drops it is safe! Plus it has a unique hand strap which allows me to hold it in one hand, & it comes in great colours! You will love it! Connecting headphones & plugging it in to charge is super easy, the ports are clearly delineated and very easy to use. It has a magnetic cover for sleep wake mode, and folds nicely into standing position & landscape mode. 
Another nice feature is that there is a clear pocket for a card with your name/phone number/address and email address. This will be beneficial for people knowing who the device belongs to.

 I know at times that money is extremely tight. And when you purchase an item you don't always plan on purchasing accessories and a mediately. But when you purchase a expensive I am such as an iPad it is extremely important to consider purchasing a case to protect your investment.  

So if you have an iPad or considering getting one I would extremely recommend checking out this company. They also have a case for laptops.

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